High Density Firelogs


High Density Firelog Comparison:
Cleaner Burning - bioburn high density firelogs are made from 100% recycled biomass wood fiber. They burn cleaner than cordwood with 50% less emissions. There are no additives, wax or petrochemicals. Safer To Use - Low moisture content means significantly less creosote buildup. Creosote buildup can lead to chimney fires. Less than 10% moisture - bioburn logs have 6-8% moisture content compared to seasoned cordwood, which has a moisture content of 20-25% or higher. Clean To Use - Easy to stack and store with no mess or bugs to be carried into your home and they are ready to use when you bring them home. bioburn logs are 98% combustible so there is considerably less ash accumulation in your stove. Logs can be safely stored for extended periods of time in a dry area. Long Burning - bioburn logs are more than three times the density of cordwood. That means less need to reload and they burn longer and hotter than cordwood. Because high density firelogs burn much hotter than cordwood, consideration must be given to overheating the stove. It is recommended that the stove be stoked with no more than 2 - 3 logs at a time depending on the stove size. Compact Storage - bioburn logs take about 1/3 the space volume compared to cordwood. Environmentally Friendly - bioburn logs burn hotter and cleaner so they put considerably less particulate into the air. They are better for the environment and better for your stove and chimney, Trying is believing - Great for wood stoves, fireplaces, chimineas, patio fire pits and campfires. bioburn logs are competitive to cordwood without the mess and bugs. Once you’ve used bioburn high density firelogs, you’ll never want to go back to cordwood.

“We love our wood stove and the warmth of wood. We used to burn cordwood but then we tried high density firelogs and we’ll never go

back to cordwood.”

B&P, Salem, OR

Available products:

6-Pack/90 - 6 HD firelogs in a box or shrink wrap (90mm/3.54” dia. X 10” length)

Bulk Pack - 400 HD firelogs (1 ton) palletized (90mm/3.54” dia. X 10” length)


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